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ElevateU Workforce

Many young people don't have the experiences, exposure, or life skills needed to create a path to a living wage. Without an opportunity to make progress toward their potential, they often fall into the trap of a low-skill, low-income future. We believe that empowering young people, especially those across rural Southwest Georgia, to develop a plan and goals means a better future for all of us. 

The ElevateU Workforce  Program at GROW Academy provide free mentoring, education, and career development opportunities for young people across Southwest Georgia to ensure they have a solid plan for the future and the basic skills needed to get there.

​We work with students to ensure they understand the academic requirements for college entry and success, as well as what skills, training, and experience they will need to join the workforce in their chosen field after graduation. We provide mentors to help students develop aspirations for what they want to achieve in life, and provide guidance, direction, and encouragement as they work toward their goals.

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