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"No Child Left Behind"

Ensuring Southwest Georgia students graduate prepared for college, career and beyond!

No Child Left Behind is one of GROW Southwest Georgia’s key initiatives.

We’re ensuring local students succeed by offering educational programs that help students stay healthy and provide the support they need to stay on track in school, graduate high school on time, and are college and career-ready.

GROW relies on our community, the YOUTH relies on us.


To increase the high school graduation rate to 95%
among students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

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At GROW Southwest Georgia, we provide youth development services with a focus on empowering teens to reach their full potential. We believe that investing in our youth now will not only benefit them but also the communities they will serve in the future. Our team is dedicated to guiding, training, and supporting our clients throughout their college and career journey. We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming space where teens can learn and grow.

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