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About GROW Southwest Georgia

Imagine young people living in communities in rural Georgia with limited access to food, no youth development or recreational programs, and no career and college exposure. Our CEO's heart went out to these young people who were told to graduate high school with no preparation steps to go any further. Our mission of educating, empowering, and creating an experience that assists every family and child in the community by improving their quality of life through early intervention programs and services.

We believe that by investing in our youth and families, we can create a brighter future for everyone. Through our programs, we aim to promote social and economic justice, improve access to resources, and build more vibrant and resilient communities. We know that by working together with our partners and community members, we can achieve greater impact and create more sustainable solutions to the challenges we face.

Current Service Areas: Calhoun, Early, Baker, Terrell, Worth, and Sumter Counties

Our Community Impact Areas


Youth Development Services

Workforce Development

Healthy Nutrition Programs

Family Focus & Wellbeing

Community Development

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