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Corporate & Individual Sponsorships

We invite all current and prospective donors to visit our site for a guided tour and consider volunteering to support one of our many initiatives.

There are many volunteer opportunities that help support our weekly food distribution, teen services and community events. All of our volunteer initiatives aim to that support the youth and families we serve.We want to make sure that, as a business, you’re given a variety of ways to show your patrons and employees that your company takes philanthropic giving seriously! We want you to have fun with your giving, to have the opportunity to attract new business as a result of your generosity, and most importantly, to feel just how important your gift is to the lives of children and families living in our community.

You don't need to be a business or a corporation to sponsor GROW Southwest Georgia. We have a variety of ways for individuals to get involved in saving thousands of lives each year – and earn the recognition they deserve in the process!

Corporate & Individual Sponsorships

For far too many kids and teens, a great future is threatened by widening income and access inequities. This is something we can do to close the gap. To invest in our future. To be the change we want to see.

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